savage garden.jpg


Less than three years after launching his brand at 100% Design 2015, Charles has completed his first high profile commission to create three light installations at the Doubletree Hilton’s new Savage Garden in Tower Bridge, London. Designed by leisure and hospitality specialists, Grapes Design, it includes a feature bar, cocktail lounge, dining areas and private hire spaces as well as two large outdoor terraces.

The commission builds on Charles’ current collection, incorporating glass into his designs for the first time. Mixing handmade and precision machined metal work creates a visual tension not seen in his work before. Crafted by skilled artisans in the Czech Republic, each shade is hand blown into a wooden mould before finally being shaped by hand to create an organic undulating form. It is this undulating form that creates gleaming contours of light that radiate out from the warm glow of the amber and violet coloured shades.

Each of the three commissions is a modular design that allows for various configurations and sizes. This new found versatility in Charles’ designs marks the opening of a new bespoke side of the business that caters specifically to clients looking for larger scale custom light installations. Commissioned work is developed specifically for the client by Charles.

The commission also sees the release of the Candy collection, a new family of table lights, pendants, and statement pendant clusters.


Glass production in the Czech Republic